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Make your home more efficient

Installing a new boiler, updating your controls and adding thermostatic radiator valves are great ways to make your heating and hot water system work more efficiently. Regular servicing is also recommended once a year

Boiler Replacement

We are happy to provide free quotations for replacing your gas central heating boiler if its not working or just getting on a bit. Most brands of boiler are fitted but we are happy to recommend one that will suit your demands. The most common brands we install are Worcester Bosch, Ideal, and Vaillant

Smart Thermostats

Brands like Hive, Nest, Honeywell and others are all good options to make your heating smarter and more efficient. We have vast experience installing these and helping you set them up to save some cash!

Radiator Replacement

If you have old radiators, not only might they be full of what we call 'sludge' but they might not be working to heat spaces efficiently. If the radiators haven't got 'fins' on the back then it might be worth considering replacing with new convector radiators

Replacement of radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves are quite important to control different rooms, ie. when you're not using certain rooms or need a lower temperature in bedrooms for example. These are often replaced as part of an update to your central heating

Insulating Pipes

Pipes installed should be insulated where possible particularly if they are in cold areas like lofts. This will not only prevent freezing and costly repairs but reduce heat loss

Cleaning the Heating System

A great way to make the heating run smoother and prolong the boiler life is to flush the system out with chemical to remove sludge and rust. We do this not by the risky powerflushing method but by using the Magnacleanse method. This involves running the heating system through powerful magnets using Fernox flushing chemicals

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